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It's PIR Report 2021 launch day!

We were delighted to launch the Positive Impact Rating 2021 Report at the virtual PRME Global Forum today! The social impact levels of 46 business schools from 21 countries were announced by Prof Thomas Dyllick of the Positive Impact Rating Association and Sophie Charrois, President of oikos International.

Read the 2021 Report!

The report shows the results of 47 business schools from 21 countries worldwide that took part in this year’s edition of the PIR. Over 9,000 students participated in the survey, thanks to the hard work of all the student associations that led the survey communications in their schools.

When the PIR analyzed the results, we were fascinated by the incredible wealth of constructive comments by students on how their schools can increase their positive impact!

Students are very clear in what they want their schools to STOP doing:

There is also a consensus on what they want their schools to START doing:

You can read these and much more details in the PIR Report 2021.

We are excited to see what happens next in the participating schools and to continue into the next edition of the PIR to see how the business school is changing for the better.

If you want to join us on the PIR journey as it goes forward, let us know by telling us your interest.

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