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PIR as a transformation tool

How do schools use the PIR?

The PIR provides schools with an international benchmark of progress on sustainable and positive impact, and the intelligence and data to drive internal change. Our schools have used the results for social impact evidence, an annual KPI, and to stimulate a student-led curriculum review. 


Gather evidence

Get verified data on your school's positive impact for reporting, accreditations, and rankings.

Over three editions, 62% of the schools surveyed have used the PIR in their AACSB accreditation, 49% in their PRME Reports, and 35% for EQUIS accreditation.


Maintain improvement

Use the PIR as a tool for supporting school development

Most schools primarily use the PIR to recognize how and where it can increase its positive impact.


Collaborate for impact

Share information and cooperate with students and student organizations


According to participating schools, the PIR's second most important purpose is to understand their students’ expectations better and engage and collaborate more with them.

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