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Explore our insightful PIR resources in the drop-down menu under the Resources tab

The PIR Resources include:

PIR Case Studies Collection - providing real-life examples of positive impact in different business school settings from around the globe. They trace the individual stories and learning curves experienced by innovative business schools, faculty and students.

Transformational ToolThe PIR provides schools with an international benchmark of progress on sustainable and positive impact, and the intelligence and data to drive internal change. Our schools have used the results for social impact evidence, an annual KPI, and to stimulate a student-led curriculum review.

Student support - The PIR is led by global student organizations and endorsed by relevant stakeholders in business and society. Our PIR support features a series of online worships and tutorials.


"Students want their schools to provide management education that results in a positive impact on the world."


Thomas Dyllick, Founder, Positive Impact Association


Read an interview in Personalmagazin with Thomas Dyllick, Founder, Positive Impact Association

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