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150 PIR Student Coordinators worldwide involved in PIR 2022

The Positive Impact Rating is based on an assessment done by students who evaluate their own school. The collection of data is organized through student associations, who distribute a survey within their own school. They take responsibility for assessing the positive impact of their own schools and get access to the data collected through an online dashboard.

This year 150 PIR Student Coordinators have joined to lead the Positive Impact Rating in their Business School, increasing the PIR outreach to all the 5 continents

The 150 student coordinators who joined the 2022 PIR Edition have started reaching out to their fellow students and are busy campaigning for responses.

After the survey period, student teams will be meeting to exchange on how the campaigns went and to plan post-survey actions.

We have collected experiences from 5 student Coordinators who, in 2021, have acted on their individual PIR results in different ways. You can find the stories on the Positive Impact Rating website here.

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