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How can students leverage transformation with data

The Positive Impact Rating (PIR) is led by students who become gatekeepers of valuable data and leaders of post-survey actions.

In many schools, PIR students have presented the PIR results to the school’s staff. As a result, the students are seen as key actors in developing future activities.

You have led on the survey and collected your fellow students’ opinions, so who better to represent (and present!) the PIR results than the PIR Coordinators themselves!

One of the Positive Impact Rating’s main objectives is to enable students to come to the table and contribute to the shifting landscape of sustainability in business schools.

Students are seen as equal partners rather than merely consultants of the process. In many PIR schools, we have seen student representatives participate in decision-making and contribute to significant developments, strategizing, and initiatives.

Presenting the PIR results to the School’s staff and contributing to the next steps discussions would be the first step for placing you in a solid position to influence planning and strategising.

Max and Yanis presented the results to their schools, which led to a further contribution to their school’s structures and dynamics. You can find their stories in the “Meet PIR students” section of the website.

Grenoble Ecole de Management, for instance, planned for involving students in their strategies in several ways. This ranged from inclusion and representation in the school Committee to regular exchanges between management and students on strategy. A few case studies can be found on the “PIR Case studies” section of the website.

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