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XLRI Xavier School of Management



Public Engagement

XLRI has aimed to nurture responsible global leaders from the start. XLRI’s tagline “For The Greater Good” is a reminder how XLRI can be a force for greater common good in shaping management education and the community at large. Pursuit of academic excellence & fostering whole-person integral growth of students has been the hallmark of XLRI for over 7 decades.

The XLRI Community lives by the Magis, and examines how its choices affect others and guide them to make decisions for the greater good. The community is committed to spreading awareness and fostering a sense of responsibility amongst its students. And as an institution, XLRI provides students with opportunities to learn about several on-field challenges and to contribute to solving them in a meaningful & impactful manner by engaging with different businesses and societal stakeholders.

XLRI has compulsory courses on sustainability and business ethics for all students enabling them to understand how businesses can create a positive impact in society. Students are offered experiential learning opportunities such as internships, consulting projects, and field trips that focus on social and environmental impact. They also benefit from sessions with industry experts from the social and sustainability sectors that help them explore and understand sustainability challenges and opportunities. Thus, enabling the students to become agents of positive change in society.

XLRI’s students are very engaged in social and sustainability-related student organizations. Through active volunteering, XLRI students provide immense support and guidance to the children, helping and nurturing them to develop essential skills for their future.

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