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XLRI Xavier School of Management



Insights from level 5 schools in the Global South

XLRI has been founded by Jesuits and is defined by the tagline “for the greater good”. The entire XLRI community lives by it. XLRI encourages its students to contribute to uplifting underprivileged people. The student initiatives SIGMA-oikos, Samarthya, PEACE, and CII-YI testify to this commitment. These initiatives engage with different organizations to address social issues in or around the XLRI community.

Participation in PIR has influenced XLRI to further emphasize sustainability and business ethics courses in its academic curricula to shape virtuous leaders who would incorporate ethical and sustainable business practices in their vision of work. XLRI has introduced a compulsory course on Sustainable Development and Corporate Sustainability in its flagship programs. Further, as ethics is an institutional value of XLRI, and ethical issues are pervasive in their scope, “Ethical Conduct” has been added as a Learning Outcome for all XLRI programs.

XLRI has made a long stride toward becoming a carbon-neutral campus by taking steps such as setting up a biogas plant, installing solar panels on buildings, and providing bicycles for students and staff to commute. It encourages students to use eBooks instead of paper books. For many courses, physical study materials have been replaced by e-course materials.

Further, XLRI has introduced the 5S concept to promote, set up, develop, and sustain the culture of orderliness, cleanliness, hygiene, efficiency, work quality, and safety among the members of the XLRI community to develop practical sustainability competencies among its members.

Going forward, XLRI continues teaching its core values of sustainability and ethical conduct to the larger society through its staff, students & alumni.

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