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Strathmore University Business School



Public Engagement

The Strathmore University Business School (SBS) mission is to develop ethical and influential leaders who positively impact society, through the generation and dissemination of business and management knowledge, research, and innovation, that leads to the development and growth of ethical, sustainable enterprises, organizations, and institutions in Africa. Strathmore has embedded SDGs 4, 7, 13 and 17 within the institution. SBS adopted green buildings in the design and use of clean energy. It also embedded principles of sustainability within the academic curriculum, research, and extra-curricular activities to promote social and environmental awareness, which strengthens the student participation in sustainable development. It is our responsibility to train and equip our current and future leaders with a strong understanding of and the solutions to the challenges we face around sustainable development. SBS established the Center for Sustainability Leadership (CSL) to support stakeholders in understanding and developing initiatives for the achievement of the SDGs. CSL carries out capacity building and research to develop innovative knowledge-based solutions for sustainable development in Africa. CSL runs the African Sustainability Executive Program and the Shared Value Executive Program; practical, executive courses aimed at skilling professionals and key decision-makers across various sectors on sustainability concepts and strategies. Major corporates have thus established sustainability strategies within their companies. SBS supported the set-up of the Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC), physically housed at the school, which incubated over 150 clean technology businesses resulting in creation of over 1,440 jobs and over 120,000 people using clean energy and green products.</p>

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