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Saint Joseph's University Haub School of Business

United States



The Haub School of Business is animated by Jesuit principles of ethics, sustainability, and societal impact. Since its inception, the Haub School has designed niche programs in key industry segments and leadership, ethics, and organizational sustainability. Many of the faculty have undergone Ethics Across the Curriculum training on how to incorporate ethics into their instruction so that business ethics is a comprehensive theme throughout the curriculum in both our undergraduate and graduate programs.

Apart from classroom experience, students test out their knowledge of best business practices in the real-world. In the Leadership Ethics and Organizational Leadership (LEO) program, students undertake a hands-on learning project with for-profit organizations to improve their triple bottom-line performances. Some of these businesses, as a result, are able to obtain a B-Corps Certification. LEO is grounded in the SDGs and has been recognized with AIM2Flourish Prizes and Finalists projects.

The Pedro Arrupe Center for Business Ethics, founded in 2005 is the school’s life-force for business ethics. The Center provides fellowships to faculty who conduct research in business ethics, and sponsors lectures on real-time issues. The Arrupe Center is another source of thought leadership, student case competitions, case-writing, symposia, and our Net Impact student chapter.

The Haub School SDG Dashboard, an initiative in cooperation with the United Nations, has helped to build a culture around societal impact. The SDG Dashboard is a reporting, visualization, and data analytics tool used to provide shareable, robust resources to enhance schools and organizations’ impact on fulfilling the SDGs. The SDG Dashboard is a conduit for collaboration between schools and organizations, that in working together, make a stronger impact on societal good. At Haub, the SDG Dashboard has inspired collaboration among faculty across disciplines, and has increased student engagement, knowledge, and advocacy around the SDGs.

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