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Indian Institute of Management Bangalore



Student Support

IIM Bangalore took part in the Global Climate Clock Assembly and Display event to celebrate Earth Day 2023. The IIMB community participated by building and displaying two Climate Clocks in the Bannerghatta Road campus to create awareness on the status of climate change and the need for immediate action by individuals, corporates and governments. One of them was built by the student community, led by the Environment & Sustainability Club, and the other one by IIMB faculty, staff and their children, led by IIMB’s Sustainability Taskforce.

The Energy Swaraj Foundation, in collaboration with the Offices of the Government of India, organized the Global Climate Clock Assembly and Display event. All organizations, including academic institutions, corporate enterprises, start-ups, social organizations, firms and individuals, were invited to collaborate for the event. The Foundation had designed a simple, easy to assemble kit. The Climate Clock features the 1.5-degree Celsius goal. It takes into account the carbon budget remaining to reach the threshold, which at the current rate will take a little more than six years. It serves as a visual representation of the urgency of the climate crisis, highlighting the limited amount of time left to act, and the need for decisive action.

Other public engagement activities of the school include interactive sessions on women’s health, a workshop on water management and sustainable agriculture for State Government and a development program for SMEs (Fostering Growth through Good Governance). Students hosted an event ‘Drishti 2022’ to discuss the progress of India’s sustainability goals for 2030. Professor Deepti Ganapathy authored a book ‘Media and Climate Change: Making Sense of Press Narratives’. IIM Bangalore also launched a sustainability lab in collaboration with the Transport Corporation of India Ltd. (TCI Group) to focus on sustainable supply chain practices, dissemination, and advocacy.

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