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Indian Institute of Management Bangalore



Insights from level 5 schools in the Global South

Given that education is an important pillar for socio-economic growth, the Indian law mandates the affirmative action of reserving 49,5% of seats in government-owned or controlled educational institutions for applicants from Schedules Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and other Backward Classes or from low-income groups. Being an Institute of National Importance, IIMB acknowledges its responsibility to be a role model and a change agent in the field of ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability. Its vision statement includes aims to demonstrate exemplary values, encourage diversity, and create a significant positive impact. Integrity, inclusiveness, and contribution to society are some of the core practices of the Institute.

All IIMB’s programs are designed for students to understand the implications of managerial decisions and actions concerning ethics, responsibility, and sustainability (ERS). Through classroom courses, internships, and other diverse means, students are educated and motivated to internalize ethical and socially responsible practices in varied and cross-cultural managerial settings. The Institute signals the importance of ethics with a briefing session in student orientation, supplemented by workshops and seminars on ethical and responsible behavior by faculty members and industry practitioners. In addition, IIMB offers several elective courses about corporate governance, social responsibility, sustainability, and inclusive growth. Courses in Leadership include modules on ethics, values, and building trust in relationships.

IIMB MOOCs have provided more than 1 million Indian and international students with free access to management education making a broad social impact. For example, the MOOC “Do Your Venture” is a mandatory part of the NSRCEL Women Startup Program. This MOOC was delivered to meet the program’s goal to support early-stage, women-led ventures from across the country by offering free education in entrepreneurship. Nearly 20,000 women have had access to the MOOC and could develop their business ideas into working businesses. The women who completed the MOOC were also chosen for further mentoring and training, and IIMB selected top performers for incubation at NSRCEL.

IIMB students recognize their social responsibility and are eager to contribute to the betterment of society. They are organized in many student clubs and groups.

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