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INCAE Business School

Costa Rica


Role Model

INCAE values its students as the most important stakeholders and had listened to them traditionally in contexts such as class evaluations. However, INCAE has not integrated students into the institutional discussions on sustainability strategies and impact up to now.

The Positive Impact Rating (PIR) supported INCAE to bring the students' voice to the table, which was a game-changer for the school. As a result, INCAE decided to create a platform that promotes the dialogue of students and faculty. To do this, INCAE works on three levels:

1) INCAE has empowered students to participate in the school's discussions on sustainability strategies. It has positioned the PIR as a tool for making students central and increasing their involvement. The PIR provides INCAE with the basis for making strategic decisions. This resulted in the creation of a platform to promote dialogue between institutional decision-makers and students based on PIR outputs.

2) INCAE has brought impact projects of the school into the classroom. The school regularly designs and implements positive impact projects which aim for social progress in its community. This priority is driven by the extreme social inequality in the region and associated challenges. Because of PIR, INCAE monitors those projects and identifies those with the potential of creating value in the classroom. This strengthened a two-week block course in which students discuss with faculty global sustainability issues and INCAE's impact projects.

3) INCAE has created experience-based learning-teaching settings to involve students in answering the question of what impact means. All students took a consultant position for one of INCAE's impact projects, in which they got to know and assess the socioeconomic reality of entrepreneurs and institutions. Students and community leaders further discussed real-world cases in class, and students took part in a discussion between the global north and the global south with experts from both parts of the world.

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