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HKUST Business School

Hong Kong, China


Improving across multiple dimensions

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has made great strides in embedding positive impact and a sustainable culture into its curriculum and operations. Fostering a culture of sustainability, the campus has been serving as an active resource for research, experimentation, and community engagement to improve its landscape and biodiversity. A framework for measuring the well-being of the campus community will be established. A new Sustainable Operations Executive Committee has been formed to oversee the implementation of the overall plan.

The “HKUST 2028 Sustainability Challenge” is central to the HKUST’s continuing endeavour to transform the campus into a living laboratory for experiential learning, showcasing research and sustainable operations. It features four pillars progress and performance, sustainability education, living lab, and building our community. This new sustainability master plan responds to Hong Kong’s roadmap to carbon neutrality by 2050 and sets clear targets for Energy and GHG Emissions, Water Consumption, Waste to Landfill, Campus Landscape and Biodiversity, and Community Well-being.

HKUST Business School has launched the first BSc in Sustainable and Green Finance Program in Hong Kong, bringing together an interdisciplinary team of academic specialists in finance and investment, environmental science and technology to equip students with professional knowledge and a global outlook. The School’s Social Enterprise Internship Program offers undergraduate students internships with ESG-focused organizations or NGOs. Post-graduate students are encouraged to learn from case studies to examine situations in a real-world context.

The school seeks to create platforms for knowledge exchange and ongoing dialogue, and offers regular seminars on sustainable finance, collaborations with the business community, and many others. In addition, sharing the findings and results of the School’s Green Finance Research Project further contributes to a vibrant sustainability community and the advancement of sustainability education.

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