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Goa Institute of Management



Learning Methods

The Goa Institute of Management (GIM) commits to creating transformative leaders focused on responsible, ethical, and sustainable business practices. As a committed member of UN PRME, UN SDSN, and GBSN, the GIM contributes actively through teaching, research, and outreach activities to bring about transformative change and contribute towards meeting the SDGs locally.

GIM launched GIVE GOA, a compulsory service-learning course on social impact and experiential learning for future leaders. It consists of two parts: Reflection and Action.

The Reflection part comprises a module on Social Responsibility and Action (SRA), which introduces students to concepts of empathy, inclusivity, reflexivity, and social impact. SRA allows students to engage with ideas and frameworks related to community initiatives, gain knowledge about systems thinking and understand the interface between business and society. SRA enables students to interact with industry leaders to understand the real challenges of integrating SDGs in business and society and the need and value of a circular economy. The Action part allows students to immerse themselves within the community, interact with the local people and collaborate with them to improve their quality of life or public service delivery. The projects undertaken are aligned with the SDGs. They motivate the students of GIM to work towards creating an impact in local communities.

The GIM believes in a continuous process of learning. It provides students, faculty, and staff the conditions to broaden their knowledge about sustainability-related issues and practice responsible production and consumption within and beyond GIM.

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