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EADA Business School



Insights embedding social impact from the Global North

EADA’s efforts in the past year sought to improve the school's internal capabilities and increase its focus on the "multiplier effect" the school's actions have through education. EADA has trained key staff members to embed further sustainability in daily activities. Faculty recruitment policy encourages the attraction of researchers and professors with a proven track record or an interest in sustainability-related fields. The school has continued to deploy its Sustainable Leadership pedagogical model in its programs. The model sets out a series of eight Institutional Learning Goals that all EADA’s degree programs should deliver.

EADA provides more hands-on experiences inside and outside the classroom to prepare students for organizations' current challenges in sustainability. This includes intensifying action learning consulting projects for students via collaboration with companies and associations. A partnership with Ashoka Spain allows students to tackle real business sustainability problems as part of their final degree project. EADA fosters the B Impact Teams, student-consultant teams from all master programs that support actual companies by delivering a baseline impact report and action plan based on the B Corp framework and Impact Assessment Tool.

Program management of the International Master in Sustainable Business & Innovation led a participative initiative that involved various stakeholders, including students, to redesign its specializations to align them further with the needs and challenges that companies are facing in the transition towards sustainability.
EADA is the strategic academic partner of Barcelona+B, part of the global initiative Cities can B. The aim is to turn companies and citizens into agents of change in Barcelona. The initiative will launch a series of participatory activities to contribute to Barcelona's transition to a sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous city under the 2030 agenda SDGs.

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