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EADA Business School



Improving across multiple dimensions

When asked, our stakeholders tell us there are two special things about EADA Business School. One is having leadership development as the backbone of all our programmes, and the second is the strength of the EADA community. Across all programmes participants take part in successive, full-immersion, leadership development modules to help them define their purpose, and to implement this when leading themselves, leading teams and leading in society.

The classroom, however, is not the only learning space that helps them shape and develop that purpose. Through the EADA community we also make sure that there are curricular and extracurricular experiences related to social and environmental issues, mixing different programmes and nationalities and engaging with external stakeholders. Working throughout the year as a close-knit diverse community has a multiplier effect: it enriches each individual’s views, challenges assumptions and generates accountability. In this process the how, the what and the why gain equal importance.

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