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Global Deans Summit on Positive Impact

Bringing together Deans pioneering in positive impact

The Positive Impact Rating hosted the Global Deans Summit on Positive Impact on the 2nd of June 2022 in New York. The event took place at The New School. 

Deans from high-performing PIR schools explored what impact means to them in their regions and how we can learn from global experiences and contrasts.

Participants came together to: 

  • Challenge fellow Deans and experts to think differently about impact 

  • Learn what impact means in different world regions and take valuable lessons back home 

  • Sharpen knowledge and application of energizing, educating and engaging impacts

  • Engage with business school peers and learn about their latest tools, actions and initiatives

  • Explore the latest directions for sustainable impact and the future of business school value for society


Summit sessions


Panel discussion

Positive Impact of Business Schools: global perspectives, experiences, and contrasts



Good practice and knowledge sharing in the three PIR Areas

Future session.jpg


Look to the future: positive impact towards 2030

  • 46 event attendees committed to positive impact;

  • 7 Breakout groups sharing approaches and good practices for positive and developing commitments and shared statements for future impact; 

  • 5 continents were represented by Deans, making this a truly global approach to positive impact.

Event Outcomes


Make social impact count toward tenure and promotion of faculty

Build a theory of change that supports and rewards experimentation empowering students and faculty and all other stakeholders


We commit to authentic inclusion of our stakeholders in governance and transformation to a culture that values positive impact!



Collective action regarding accessibility of higher education for marginalized communities and ensuring their success



  1. Focus on process driving change: (a) community | (b) connect to individual purpose

  2. Challenge lack of diversity to end complicity

  3. Hear the voice of students

  4. Gather other schools perspectives and implement in own school

  5. Listen to understand to ENGAGE students


We reach sustainability through - Authentic incentive metrics - Student and faculty development (curricula + teaching) - Institutional memory


M.O.R.E. for the world
We are committed to a business education that builds

One shared committed

The rating is based on subjective perceptions because perceptions define “reality” and hence influence action. This makes the rating different from existing rankings, that rely on “objective” data.

Empower students (and other stakeholders) to lead change in business education!

PIR Design Principles
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