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Woxsen University School of Business



Insights from level 5 schools in the Global South

Ethics, responsibility, and sustainability (ESR) are an integral part of the School of Business at Woxsen University’s mission and values, with each program created for high societal impact.

Woxsen’s motto is to drive research and student activities to create societal impact through meaningful engagement with the community. KPIs carefully monitor ERS every six months, including the number of internal awareness events on ERS, scholarships, and student and staff hours per year on non-curricular ERS activities. These KPIs mandate faculty and students to participate in events and initiatives that foster social capital. The aim is to create an environment where school values are cherished and nurtured and shape a generation of socially sensitive managers.

Woxsen’s strategy is based on adhering to the UN SDGs and is built on two constituent processes. The first is teaching, research contributions, case studies, and conferences. A three-credit compulsory course on Business Ethics and Philosophy enables students to make business decisions and be responsible for society and environmental sustainability. Across most modules, a minimum of one capstone project has a social orientation in ESR, including a rural area-based project where social impact carries 15% of the module weight.

The school organized the Global Impact Summit in April 2022, where senior academics and corporate professionals discussed social impact. In-house magazine “Woxsen Business Review” (WBR) maintains a sub-section for Sustainability and the SDGs to create awareness among students about companies’ integration of sustainability and social responsibility practices.

The second process is Student activities contributing to social causes. A collaboration with US-based Monmouth University initiated a six-month Social Impact Project, “Woxsen-Monmouth Elevate Program”, to teach the underprivileged school students of Telangana State with a vision to uplift the weaker sections of the society. The school hosts a chapter of “Street Cause”, a nationwide organization that focuses on socially uplifting India’s rural areas. Over 100 Woxsen students contribute with donations, goods, or time. In addition, a Rotaract club focuses on Net Zero initiatives, clean energy, and gender equity and ensures the cleanliness and maintenance of the campus.

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