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University of Vermont Grossman School of Business

United States



The mission of the Grossman School of Business is to cultivate the ability to create and manage sustainable businesses that address ethical, social, and environmental challenges and opportunities in the complex and dynamic global environment. We develop graduates who are professional, technically competent, and entrepreneurial. Our faculty create impact through teaching, research, and scholarship.

The Grossman Student Advisory Council is an organization compiled of motivated and passionate undergraduate students who work to enhance the student experience at the Grossman School of Business, working alongside students, faculty, and the Dean to identify areas that can better the student learning and professional experience at GSB. On the graduate level, there are two elected leaders of the MBA Student Council, who act as liaisons to the program leadership and work to improve the student experience during the intensive one-year MBA program. Importantly, Dean Sanjay Sharma, a world recognized expert in sustainable business practices, other faculty who are actively conducting research in sustainability, and the high visibility Sustainable Innovation MBA program have allowed us to attract faculty whose goals and values are closely aligned with the mission of the Grossman School of Business. This has facilitated faculty governance that has been effective in promoting and developing our programs.

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