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Strathmore University Business School



PIR Working Groups

Strathmore University Business School (SBS) is committed to nurturing leaders of organizations in Africa who not only excel in their respective fields but also embody values that make our societies and local economies thrive. To shape leaders who are ethical and responsible requires experiential approaches to learning. One of the ways the school does this is through a Service Based Learning programme which requires undergraduate students to volunteer for 225 hours at a community based organization such as a public school, a children’s home or a public hospital.
The Service Based Learning programme is a critical component of the undergraduate degree as it bridges students' classroom learning with practical community experience. At the societal level, community engagement is essential for fostering mutual support and nurturing responsible individuals who can solve complex societal problems. Collaborating with diverse communities enables students to refine their teamwork, organizational, and interpersonal skills while gaining exposure to different perspectives within their communities.
SBS has also introduced the Maisha programme as an initiative to assist undergraduate students. "Maisha," a Kiswahili term for "life," aims to instill values among students through reflective practices, including group discussions and workshops. These activities aim to facilitate the processing of students' lived experiences, values, and ethical dilemmas. The Maisha programme fosters self-awareness and encourages critical reflection on students' personal beliefs, biases, and the ethical ramifications of their actions, for themselves and for others. It is in line with a core value of the university: Service to Society. It also reflects the PIR’s focus on educating responsible leaders.

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