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Sasin School of Management




At Sasin School of Management they are committed to aligning their educational offerings and operations with the SDGs and broader sustainable and responsible management goals.
Engaging in experiential, action learning allows students to apply technical skills and theoretical knowledge to real-world problems, enhancing their understanding of sustainable practices.
Participating in the Positive Impact Rating this year allows Sasin to engage better with students and understand their perspectives on the school’s sustainability commitment.
Sasin’s first learning module, “Skills and Values for Mindful Leaders,” is designed to equip their students as emerging business leaders with the necessary tools and mindsets to navigate and shape the evolving business landscape.
This innovative learning module bridges their students’ values with sustainable business practices that consider people, planet, and profit. The program offers a blend of online learning, residential weekends, talks, and workshops, with a unique opportunity to apply these directly to a case from a Sasin alumni-owned business with the guidance of Sasin’s faculty members.

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