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S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research



Public Engagement

S P Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) prides itself on being a socially engaged and responsive member of the local and wider Indian society. It aims to make a clear contribution to society as a 'Beyond MBA' institution.

Social responsibilities are embedded in the curriculum and institutionalized via initiatives like the Centre for Development of Corporate Citizenship (DoCC). Through the DoCC program, over 400 students of the MBA, Executive MBA, and MBA for Returning Women programs do rural internships. Students spend up to five weeks with grassroots organizations to listen, learn, and develop solutions. Over the last 25 years of DoCC, 700 NGOs have partnered with SPJIMR, including the Yunus foundation for projects in Bangladesh. SPJIMR has mapped the recent work across the SDGs, showing community impact in water and sanitation, health, environment, energy alternatives, disaster management, food, agriculture, empowerment, education, and social entrepreneurship.

The Abhyudaya initiative is a year-long mentorship program through which first-year MBA-students mentor underprivileged children from neighboring schools. The scheme has been running for ten years, and Abhyudaya supported 556 school and college students in 2020/2021 alone. Some 50% of the students are girls. The DoCC and Abhyudaya initiatives were conferred the Innovative Practices Award by UN Global Compact Network India in 2018 for quality education and partnerships. These and other initiatives at the institute create a strong sensitivity to social responsibility and sustainability issues.

SPJIMR also fosters community engagement through the Ehsaas platform for partner organizations from the social sector to showcase and sell their products. The school organizes Aasra, an inclusive sports and cultural event for differently abled individuals where participants from nonprofits and schools across Mumbai celebrate life through sports and cultural activities.

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