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Luiss Business School




Luiss Business School aims to prioritize responsible management in teaching and practices. Luiss has set up programs with a focus on Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability (ERS) values. These include a Master in Social Entrepreneurship, and courses like Foundations of Responsible Enterprise or Project Management for Development Cooperation.

Laboratories in Ethics, Responsibility, and Sustainability are compulsory in every specialized Master at Luiss and span a wide variety of topics: from ethics applied to fashion, luxury, tourism to ethical finance; responsible cultivation of raw materials to food and wine as catalysts of social inclusion; humanism applied to technology and AI, responsible marketing; social responsibility of art; human-centered management of healthcare to social entrepreneurship.

Through their ERS Labs, Luiss engages with external stakeholders and third sector actors to involve them in the learning experience of the students. These stakeholders include NGOs, social enterprises, for-profit companies with ethical purposes or nonprofit associations, but also big companies applying Corporate Social Responsibility.

Students are also offered opportunities for shadowing real leaders through GROW (Generating Real Opportunities for Women) and L4T (Leader for Talent) projects. Students engage with managers from different levels to learn how to translate academic knowledge into actions and develop the skills to create new opportunities in business. Students are invited to share their feedback and suggestions to the program to ensure continuous improvements. The feedback is gathered through the Center on Sustainability, Innovation, and Digitization.

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