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INCAE Business School

Costa Rica



INCAE Business School's achievement of the highest level in the Positive Impact Rating (PIR) reflects its longstanding commitment to making a profound impact in Central America and beyond. Historically, INCAE has played a pivotal role in the region, contributing significantly to social and economic development. This legacy is deeply ingrained in INCAE's identity, emphasizing the importance of impactful actions from its identity.
Founded with the support of Harvard, INCAE has always perceived itself as a global institution. This vision drove INCAE to attain international recognition, including securing the triple crown (AMBA, AACSB, EQUIS). These accreditations underscore INCAE's commitment to maintaining high standards of education and institutional excellence.
However, the PIR process highlighted the need for a more systematic articulation of INCAE's Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Recognizing this, INCAE is developing a new USP strategy to clearly communicate its distinct value to students and stakeholders. Moreover, PIR has underscored the importance of legitimizing INCAE's contributions, especially in terms of social progress. For example, significant investments in research must be demonstrably linked to tangible benefits for the communities INCAE serves. To address this, INCAE is developing an "impact controlling" mechanism based on the Social Progress Index. This initiative aims to produce detailed reports that will inform students about INCAE’s impact and engage them in strategic discussions, ensuring their perspectives are integral to the school's future directions.
By integrating these insights and initiatives, INCAE is not only enhancing its transparency and accountability but also reinforcing its dedication to social progress, ultimately achieving this excellent recognition in the Positive Impact Rating. This approach ensures that INCAE continues to align its efforts with its mission of driving positive change and sustainable development in the region. INCAE is thankful to the PIR team for its support on this journey.

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