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IESEG School of Management



Insights from schools moving from Level 3 to 4

The school has taken several steps in the past year to help increase its impact. Programs have been modified to promote more interdisciplinary learning and the Master's level mandatory sustainability course has been boosted to make it a big 6 ECTS course. In addition, the school performed its first carbon footprint and has taken actions to reduce plastic and waste on campus. But more importantly, throughout the last year, the school has made it a priority to promote student engagement and provide spaces for students to be part of the sustainability journey of the school. Via the Responsible Leaders program, or through student associations, several new initiatives and events saw the light in the last year.

The school is very proud of its student involvement, particularly considering the challenging context. The progress is largely due to the students' willingness to collaborate with the school administration, pushing it to be more ambitious.

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