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ICHEC Brussels Management School



Working with students to accelerate change

In 2020, ICHEC launched an internal and in-depth strategic reflection on sustainability issues. The guiding principle was the co-construction of a strategy based on collective intelligence gathered from internal and external stakeholders.

The feedback received through the PIR has been a crucial tool to gather the student opinions to include them in future projects. As a result, in October 2021, the first 17 projects were launched around four priority axes.

Each project is led by a volunteer project team, composed with the intent to represent the diversity of the institution by including faculty members alongside administrative, teaching, and technical staff and students. ICHEC considers this movement as still evolving but already successful in creating new sources of collective energy.

The team is working together toward the further inclusion of sustainability in subjects and teaching methods (axis 1), infrastructures and operational modes (axis 2), territorial ecosystems (axis 3), and governance (axis 4). The PIR survey results gave birth to a key project: optimizing indoor and outdoor spaces to increase physical and mental well-being and environmental sustainability within the facilities.
The enthusiasm for this movement has spread beyond these axes and 17 projects, particularly among the student associations. During the year, students decided, with the support of the sustainable development unit, to create a "charter towards more sustainability" to ensure continuity and follow-up on their sustainability commitments.

The voice of the students at ICHEC is important. To ensure this, ICHEC students’ also hold several seats on the sustainability council, a decision-making body on the evolution of sustainability projects. Projects are reviewed according to the school's priorities and the PIR results, which are considered a powerful tool to ensure that the school meets its students’ expectations.

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