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Fordham University Gabelli School of Business

United States


Student Support

Gabelli School of Business offers students an advising program on both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Advisors structure their advising plan to provide in-person, small, and large group meetings. In addition, Gabelli offers a wide range of special advising through student mentors, professional advising programs, honors programs, and unique advising for transfer/veteran/part-time students.

Even before the pandemic, Gabelli experienced a significant increase in stress, anxiety, and depression among the student population. The undergraduate program hired a clinically trained social worker to support student mental health. The advisor supports students at risk for increased anxiety and depression, like those returning from leaves of absence, demonstrating a shift in academic persistence, and those who just need additional one-on-one time to help manage emerging challenges.

Through Gabelli's Social Innovation Collaboratory, the School brings together a network of Fordham University students, faculty, administrators, alumni, and community members who collaborate to promote social innovation to achieve social justice, social entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability.

The Ignite Scholars Program, one of Gabelli's two undergraduate honors programs, selects talented students with demonstrated leadership experience. It challenges and supports them to be agents for positive change in their communities, organizations, and the world. In their work as change agents, they learn in-class and outside of class through social innovation and applied learning. In its third year, the University Innovation Fellows program is designed to promote university-wide social innovation research, develop faculty-student research collaborations, and facilitate internal and external research partnerships in social innovation.

On the graduate level, MBA students are required to learn about sustainability, social impact, and humanistic leadership through consulting projects, co-curricular sessions, elective courses, weekly meetings, and in partnership with Gabelli's Responsible Business Coalition (RBC). Example consulting projects within the Full Time and Executive MBA Programs include working with a fully sustainable macadamia nuts producer in Rio de Janeiro on expansion opportunities in the US and establishing a responsible investing strategy within an internationally based financial institution.

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