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Drake University Zimpleman College of Business



PIR Working Groups

The inaugural Zimpleman “Business for Good Summit” marked a pivotal moment of the Drake University’s exploration of the intersection of business, sustainability, and inclusion. Anchored by the societal impact focus areas recently adopted by the college—accelerating access to financial inclusion, supporting mission-driven businesses, and propelling first-generation business student success—the day-long conference served as a catalyst for inspiring change agents from among our students, faculty, staff and community committed to leveraging business as a force for good.
The faculty and staff of the Zimpleman College of Business played a crucial role in curating the summit’s agenda, selecting speakers, designing interactive sessions, engaging in breakout sessions, and networking of business professionals and students attending the Summit.
From welcoming remarks by Dean Alejandro Hernandez to thought-provoking discussions led by industry experts, faculty and staff, all ensured that each aspect of the Summit reflected the college’s North Star: “To equip business students to do well by doing good—empowering them to contribute to the global economy and to society.”
The Summit stands as a testament to the increased efforts in public engagement, serving as a platform for meaningful dialogue, collaboration, and action. It also serves as a milestone for the outreach efforts undertaken by the college since the adoption of its societal impact focus areas.

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