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CENTRUM PUCP Business School



Improving across multiple dimensions

Over the years, CENTRUM PUCP's commitment to the Peruvian society has determined its vision and purpose, leading it to become the "School for Good Business". As part of this journey, the Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) competency has been incorporated into all degree programmes as of 2019. Today, all courses across the different curricula have at least one component on Sustainability and Social Responsibility, developing students as agents of change capable of making a positive impact for society.
COVID-19 with a uniquely long quarantine forced the school to innovate in its teaching methods, incorporating state-of-the-art technology. The school added business training programs for small business owners and entrepreneurs, serving more than 100’000 people. Initially, teachers and administrative staff were involved in providing these programs, in a second phase, students from the different degree programmes joined in.

The Positive Impact Rating framework has been a fundamental tool to maxmize and measure the impact of the school’s various social responsibility and sustainability initiatives. It has enabled the school to better direct its educational and research programs and to frame administrative and operational tasks. As a result, the CENTRUM PUCP community shows a high level of commitment to meet the challenges of Peruvian society. Students recognize this commitment, positioning CENTRUM PUCP among the leading pioneer PIR schools worldwide.

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