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CENTRUM PUCP Business School



Insights from level 5 schools in the Global South

Centrum PUCP uses the PIR to improve its relationship with students and communicate its social impact. The school sees improving stakeholder engagement as fundamental for the school’s improvement and a valued aspect for all accreditation bodies. The school feels that the student voice and opinions are particularly powerful for measuring and demonstrating the efforts made by Centrum PUCP to generate a positive impact.

The students' assessment and feedback are critical to identifying strengths and opportunities to improve impact. An example of this is the positive impact of 12 large social responsibility projects executed between 2020 and 2021 that benefited thousands of SMEs, school students, women entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders. Centrum PUCP students were also engaged and actively contributed to these projects’ success. At the same time, the PIR survey made the school realize the opportunity of involving more students in these projects as they are keen on contributing to the generation of positive impact. These ultimately translate into Centrum PUCP being “the school for good business”, which means having students focus their learning on generating business models with a positive impact on society.

PIR results allow Centrum PUCP to reinforce the communication addressed to all stakeholders, including students, faculty, companies, alumni, and boards, regarding the positive impact generated. As a result, the school is valued as an outstanding contributor to positive impact in their ecosystems. The staff and students have gladly joined this effort of "redefining good business", a vision that companies should not be measured only by their financial results but also by their positive impact on society. In the words of Sandro Sanchez, Director of MBA Programs, “Our purpose of ’redefining good business’ is 100% aligned with PIR's mission and dimensions, permeating the school’s culture, and allowing stakeholders to see us as a positive impact generator. This work serves to generate awareness about our achievements”.

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