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CENTRUM PUCP Business School




CENTRUM PUCP, the business school of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, has a clear vocation to social impact and sustainability. It recognizes the urgency for business schools to embrace a different role in society and has committed to incorporate in its governance model the PIR areas of energizing, educating, and engaging.

The school’s governance considers the principles of ethics and social responsibility to develop a plural and tolerant academic community inspired by ethical, democratic, and Catholic principles of freedom of worship. CENTRUM PUCP is committed to active involvement in society, primarily through the students, alumni, faculty, research, and extension activities. It aims to develop alumni as citizens with a global perspective, fair in their actions, with a sense of competitiveness at the service of society, standing out for the integrity with which they operate in the business world.

CENTRUM PUCP adopted five UN SDGs as part of its sustainability and societal engagement. The SDGs also serve as a driving force for their educational model.

In 2018, CENTRUM PUCP established the Innovation and Sustainability Observatory in partnership with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The Observatory research seeks to improve sustainable development in South American countries. Students and local entrepreneurs have access to training and information on sustainable practices while contributing to more sustainability data.

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