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Audencia Business School



Working with students to accelerate change

Audencia Business School has a longstanding commitment to responsible management education. An essential part of this commitment is creating a positive impact with the various stakeholders. Audencia, in a continuous improvement process, engages these stakeholders and builds on their expectations and contributions. The yearly renewal of the student body offers challenges and opportunities to integrate them into this process.

Audencia uses the PIR to collect feedback from students on the school’s ecological and social impact and measure its progress in this area. PIR thus helped Audencia strengthen its links with students’ associations committed to sustainability and responsible management. As part of the continuous improvement cycle, the school’s CSR Team and the students’ associations cooperate closely to use the results of the previous PIR edition to identify areas of progress and build a concrete action plan. This action plan emphasizes students’ role and involvement in its realization and communicates the results of this plan to the whole community of students.

Last year, the school’s CSR Team, IS Team, and students worked together to co-create a carbon footprint calculator for digital activities. They also launched a related communication campaign for all new students. As a result, more than 1800 students used this calculator in the six first months after its launch.
This year, the calculator will be enriched to include the carbon footprint related to food, and for next year, Audencia plans to add the footprint of transport. In line with the PIR spirit, students were heavily involved in every step, ensuring that the tool met their needs and was peer-promoted.

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