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Audencia Business School




In line with the School's mission to train responsible leaders, Audencia has integrated the principles of responsible management into all programs and courses by changing the content and developing innovative pedagogical methods. Audencia's new strategic plan, ECOS 2025, further strengthens this commitment by creating Gaïa, a new school for ecological and social transition.

To do so, Audencia builds on a faculty that is strongly dedicated to responsible management. Two-thirds of the faculty have produced at least one intellectual contribution in this field. This commitment results from a 5-year recruitment policy that integrates expertise and interest in sustainability as a criterion for all new faculty members. Regular research seminars dedicated to responsible management helped developing all faculty members' expertise and skills.

Audencia has established strong and long-term partnerships with representatives of businesses and NGOs to integrate the principles of responsible management into all programs and courses. The partnerships help identify the key contents and skills that students need to develop to become leaders for positive impact. In particular, the strategic partnership with WWF France focuses on integrating environmental challenges into the curriculums of all programs. WWF representatives have a seat in School governance bodies, teach in different programs, and facilitate contacts with their network of business partners.

Students and alumni are critical drivers of the integration of responsible management in programs and courses. They are regularly consulted and via their clubs dedicated to responsible management.

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