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Antwerp Management School



Insights embedding social impact from the Global North

Antwerp Management School (AMS) co-created “the Impact Flower” with stakeholders to map, measure, and tell the story of the school's impact. This flower shows all the internal and external dimensions where the school wants to demonstrate a positive impact, with the ‘social responsibility & sustainability’ dimension at its center. This central dimension drives AMS’s integrated approach towards positive impact, to which all other dimensions contribute.

AMS creates impact on the personal ‘social responsibility and sustainability’ dimension through
the ‘Global Leadership Skills’ course, built around the three AMS mission pillars: Self-Awareness, Global Perspective, and Societal Consciousness. Through a mixture of in-class and cross-program sessions, the course challenges the way students look at the world and develops new skills and vision for integrating sustainability into their future work and career. Sustainability competencies such as knowledge of global societal risk and innovation, reflective capacity and awareness of value-driven behaviors, and skills to think systemically, critically, and long-term are sharpened. Within the course, students actively participate in a cross-cultural team-based “Action Learning Project” to create societal impact by contributing to one of the SDGs.

Ever since AMS first received a Positive Impact Rating in 2020, the PIR has played a pivotal role in communicating the school’s impact. Accreditation bodies such as AACSB and EFMD greatly appreciate the student-driven approach of the rating, which has contributed substantially to its credibility. Moreover, many students' enthusiasm and voluntary involvement have also turned the PIR into a yearly creative platform for discussion between the school, faculty, and students. This includes asking: how can the school make improvements? How can AMS energize and involve its stakeholders? How can AMS communicate better about positive (and less positive) results?

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