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Positive Impact Rating 2021 Edition: What happens next?

It is an exciting period for the Positive Impact Rating! With our 2021 participating schools finished with their survey campaigns and starting to analyse their preliminary results, the PIR team is busy working on the next steps for the 2021 Edition of the PIR.

Data analysis and verification

During April and May, the PIR team will analyse the results, carefully considering the data's overall reliability and validity. We will run a full check to ensure that the responses are correctly completed and finalise each school’s PIR levels.

During this time, we will produce the Positive Impact Rating 2021 Report. The report will give an overview of the results - including the schools’ PIR levels and a summary of the student reflections and opinions - and share what these schools have done to date to use the PIR as a tool for positive change.

PIR 2021 Report launch at PRME Global Forum

The Positive Impact Rating 2021 Report and results will be launched at the PRME Global Forum on 17 June, a virtual event attended by 1000 pioneers and thought leaders of responsible management education.

The PIR results will be announced in a plenary session, with representatives from the PIR showcasing the 2021 Report. A student-led breakout session will follow, with panelists from international student organisations supporting the PIR and student associations from participating schools. The session will focus on the PIR methodology and model of representing the student’s voice.

PIR 2021 report launch at NBS SCC Workshop

The PIR results will be launched and highlighted at the 2021 NBS Centres Community Workshop on 12-15 July, alongside a PIR focused session of best practices and perspectives. The event will take place online. Participating PIR schools will discuss their experiences of the PIR and using the results.

PIR Dashboard opens for analysis

In June, in parallel to the PRME launch event, schools will be given the access to view and analyse their validated data on the PIR dashboard. Schools will receive an individual 2-page snapshot of their results.

As well as these events and activities the PIR team will be organising other initiatives and communications, so keep watching for the future announcements on all things PIR!

You can contact myself and Giuliana at any time for more information.

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