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Over 9000 students took part to the PIR 2021 Edition

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

The Positive Impact Rating (PIR) student organization have this year excelled their record and managed to collect over 9000 responses to the PIR survey.

Individual students and student organizations of each individual School reached out to their fellow students to collect their opinions on the Positive Impact Rating three areas of analysis: Energizing, Educating and Engaging.

Students were asked to respond to questions assessing the degree to which ethics, responsibility & sustainability are integrated into their vision, study programs and school’s culture.

This year the response to the survey has been tripled the average from the PIR 2020 Edition showing a growth in student engagement into their School’s positive impact on and for the world.

Using the PIR as a tool for change

The Positive Impact Rating is a tool that, by collecting student’s feedback and voices, aims to transform and improve teaching, learning and school-wide decision making.

PIR Schools are now taking into consideration how to use the PIR as a tool for change.

Last year:

Antwerp Management School scored strongly in the 2020 Edition of the rating to become a 'Transforming' school and its plans to continue this high performance.

Esade Business School used the PIR as a launchpad for staff and students to work together on a more sustainable model for the school, using the SDGs as a roadmap.

KEDGE Business School has included the PIR in its strategic planning, using the levels as a KPI and aligning their areas of excellence with the Energizing, Education, Engaging areas of the PIR

We are looking forward to hear the PIR 2021 Schools plans and next steps. The PIR is developing a series of Case studies offering an overview of past and future initiatives of participating schools. Visit the PIR Case Studies page.

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