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Five useful tips to successfully promote a survey

How can you campaign for responses and increase your survey outreach?

We asked the student associations that coordinated the Positive Impact Rating 2020 in their business schools to reflect on their experience and share a few tips on how to disseminate the survey effectively.

Here the 5 useful tips to successfully promote the PIR survey:

1. Tailor the campaign

Tailor your message to your audience. You might be addressing students from different business courses, so consider adapting your message, format, and promotion style.

2. Use innovative ways to share your survey link

Think about how you could share the survey link to be enticing and easy for students to access. PIR student associations in 2020 used creative methods such as a QR code on lecture slides.

3. Collaborate with relevant stakeholders

Use your network to spread the word about the PIR survey. Consider a more direct collaboration with your school: they have registered for the PIR so they should be keen to help!

4. Be flexible

Do not worry if you haven't yet hit the numbers you need, it happens! Don't be afraid to revisit your strategy and try other methods. Remember, we are here for advice every week at the PIR Helpdesk!

5. The final push is the most important

People tend to respond close to the deadline, so plan some time and resources for that final push!

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Tierra de Eloy Moreno
Tierra de Eloy Moreno
Jun 26, 2022

thanks for sharing


Henry Ohakwe
Henry Ohakwe
Feb 24, 2022

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Antor Kumar
Antor Kumar
Aug 04, 2021

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