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Why we created the Positive Impact Rating

Our purpose is to measure how business schools contribute to solving societal challenges and act as a lever of change to the transformation of the business school landscape.


"Students want their schools to provide management education that results in a positive impact on the world."


Thomas Dyllick, Founder, Positive Impact Association


Read an interview in Personalmagazin with Thomas Dyllick, Founder, Positive Impact Association

Our value proposition


We created the Positive Impact Rating to provide three core benefits


Global measurement

Students seeking an education that prepares them as change-makers in the 21st century get a global measurement of schools that can provide them with the required competences.


Connecting stakeholders

Civil society can find leading business schools as like-minded partners in their endeavours. The PIR offers advice to business and other organizations on their impact.


Tool for change

Participating schools use the survey results as a tool for their internal change processes which serves for benchmarking business school development.

The Positive Impact Rating is inspired by the 50+20 Vision

The 50+20 vision invites and challenges management education institutions to make a paradigm shift: seeking to be best for the world instead of best in the world.  

It was launched in June 2012 during Rio+20 at the 3rd PRME Global Forum and includes a short film, the 50+20 Agenda, and a book.

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The 50+20 Launch


50+20 Short Film “There’s no planet B”


The 50+20 Agenda

Deep dive

Get the 50+20 book


Find out more about 50+20

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