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University of Vermont Grossman School of Business

United States


Student Support

There’s no such thing as a typical Sustainable Innovation MBA student. As an unconventional business program, we attract unconventional candidates. Many graduates tell us they would not have considered other MBA programs because they wanted a degree from a school aligned with their values. While backgrounds and experience are varied, all of our students share a drive to use business as a tool to change the world for the better. Students have opportunities to actively engage with societal stakeholders throughout their courses and program events, as well as through our broader “Changemaker Network” that spans the globe.

The “Innovator in Residence” speaker series brings in leaders from within and outside of Vermont to share stories of their career trajectory and to engage in conversation with students around the sustainability and ethical challenges they face in their business. We have a UVM Net Impact chapter, and a few members attend the Net Impact conference annually. Students are also funded to participate in local, national and international events that might allow them to engage with stakeholders in areas aligned with their career aspirations and interests.

Coursework incorporates the Sustainable Development Goals to familiarize students with this universal framework for societal challenges. They narrow down the goals and areas that interest them, and then build their job search around roles and companies that allow them to focus on the societal challenges inspiring them. There are numerous factors that go in to choosing an employer, and there is no formulaic way to select a place of work. Some students gravitate towards companies that are known for their leadership in the impact space, while others seek traditional roles that are rife with opportunity for innovation.

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