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St. Petersburg University Graduate School of Management




St. Petersburg University Graduate School of Management (GSOM) was founded in 1993 and despite its rapid growth, it was able to maintain a warm, personal atmosphere, which is well captured by the concept of "GSOM Family". The concept of GSOM Family includes not only educational and celebratory events that bring together students, faculty, staff, alumni, and representatives of partner companies. More importantly, students actively participate in the development and implementation of the main strategic documents of the School.

The school traditionally puts great emphasis on stakeholder engagement and sustainability issues. They have become part of the GSOM Family's DNA. This reflects in the School's pioneering Ethical Code, which was developed in 2009 and emphasizes that "GSOM will serve its mission in the interests of its stakeholders" and that the School "respects human dignity of every GSOM student and works hard to meet his or her best expectations". In 2020, students and the entire GSOM Family, developed a new GSOM strategy for 2020 – 2025: "to create knowledge, develop leaders and change the world for the better." Responsible Leadership has been confirmed as one of the school's core values.

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